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Creative Borer (auger)
Creative Borer (auger) is implemented so as to obtain the interaction of tradition, i.e. the celebration of Christmas and a modern environmental friendly design. The biggest advantage, besides being 100% made of paper (except the rope) is that its installation and removal only takes a few seconds. The traditional approach has been met by the fact that Borer brings together family members in the creation of the final layout. Users are left with great variety of choices and complete freedom to complete the Christmas story before and during Christmas Eve. Borer can be painted, decorated in a traditional way with beads, ribbons or any other decorations. One of the ideas of the author is that the consumers use the decorations made of real pine twigs that are to be collected in a forest or a park. The goal here is to take the whole family in the nature, strengthen community and develop ecological awareness through the preservation of each branch. Very challenging part in developing the concept of Borer was the achievement of static stability and harmony of the figure in spite of the load of decorations. This requirement is met varying cross-section spiral. Borer is mounted in a very simple way; the rope is attached into the place in the space provided for the pine, and the pine is transformed from the perfect circle into floating spiral. When the holidays are over, the rope is unhooked and the pine is rearranged to a perfect circle again on its own. Economically speaking Borer is a profitable investment. It is usable unlimited number of times and is 100% recyclable.
Creative Borer (auger)


Design awards

 1. prize for design of the poster and brochure for the Faculty of Graphic Arts /// Rector’s Award for the paper on promotion materials of Faculty of Graphic Arts ///  1. prize for the most original exhibition space at Zagreb University Fair 2008 / group of students /// 1. prize at a public competition for redesign of the visual identity of American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia / Ivan Dilberović + Tanja Prlenda /// Magdalena 2009 – Special Mention of the Jury award for the visual identity for Gourmet Managers Symposium / Ivan Dilberović + Tanja Prlenda /// 2. prize for the best exhibition space at the Zagreb University Fair 2010 / group of students /// 1. prize for the best promotion materials at the Zagreb University Fair 2010 / group of students /// 1. prize at a public competition for the visual identity of Youth Council Velika Gorica /// Award of the Velika Gorica city and the Youth Council of Velika Gorica for the most successful young individual in the field of artistic creativity /// 2. prize at the D Day 2010 exhibition / Ivan Dilberović + Tanja Prlenda /// one of the ten finalists at the international social design poster competition Fight Poverty /// one of the 30 finalists in Positive Posters 2011 competition /// Magdalena 2012, Silver bra



 Magdalena 2006, 2009 International Visual Communications Festival /// Kulturijada 2007 ///  Cultural Diversions Exhibition /// Poster Festival Ljubljana 2009 – BrumenFoundation /// D Day 2010 /// 0910 – Croatian Design 2010 /// Worldwide Exhibition – Fight Poverty /// Christmas Tree Superstore 2010 /// Lugano Festival 2011 /// Design For Social – Milan /// The 30 exhibition -  Melbourne /// Hiibrand 2010 – China /// International Exhibition of Graphic Design and Visual Communications – ZGRAF’12 /// Magdalena 2012 /// 1314 – Croatian Design 2014